What's Included in the Online Marketing Suite?

Josh GordonI always enjoy attending trade shows, and Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum was no exception. From a strategic standpoint it's interesting for me to see how other competitive companies are positioning their solutions, it's nice to have the chance to chat with a few research analysts I respect, and I always enjoy a good conversation. Here are two conversations I paused long enough to contemplate more over the weekend.

The first conversation was with John Lovett, who is a Senior Research Analyst at Forrester, formerly of Jupiter. He covers direct marketing professionals… which is a bit of a misleading title, as that includes optimization, onsite message relevance, and many other things. But, the conversation started because I was curious to see what his feelings were about Direct Digital Marketing. It was an interesting chat, ranging from all aspects of digital message relevance, but eventually settling on the topic of testing and optimization. He is, as you probably assume, a big fan of onsite testing. The most interesting comment from him was his theory of the “optimization ecosystem.” He has a few reports out that discuss this theory, and it’s impossible to recap succinctly, but, basically, message and content relevance online are an extremely important part of an ecosystem he breaks down. It’s conceptually compelling stuff, and recommended reading.

The second conversation I had was with a gentleman from a consulting company that apparently spends a good bit of time implementing software solutions at large companies. The conversation initially started as a discussion of Knotice’s technology (well, it is a trade show) and evolved into an overall commentary on the much-discussed concept of “The Online Marketing Suite.” At the heart of the discussion was the basic, elemental question facing us all – what, exactly, comprises the online marketing suite?

The conversation was a fascinating one (with a brilliant person), and now I pose the same question to you loyal Lunch Pail readers. Think on it, ask yourselves the question, ask colleagues, or comment here – What, in your mind, are the ingredients to the most useful – or most possible – online marketing suite?

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