Preview: Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum

Josh GordonThis year's Marketing Forum from Forrester Research has a timely topic - the economy. Specifically, how to use the economic downturn to your advantage as a marketer. Generally, I really like this theme because as lousy as the economic news is sometimes, it truly is an opportunity to create some great marketing initiatives and learn how to thrive when others are struggling.
As with last year's Forum, there are a number of sessions that pique my interest, and I'll be posting recaps and key takeaways here on the Lunch Pail (and Twitter).

The first session I’m looking forward to Shar VanBoskirk’s “Transform Marketing Through Interactive Channels.” She plans to talk about direct conversations with end customers and prospects and the best ways to achieve the initial engagement and a long-term relationship. The current economic state really drives home the need for brands to have strong relationships with their customers, and Shar is the perfect presenter for this topic. Hopefully she spends time on each of the primary “interactive” channels – email, web, mobile.

The second session that looks interesting to me (again on day 1) is entitled, “Be Ready For Anything: Essential Strategies for Thriving In A Down Economy” from Erica Thompson at PetSmart. The goal of this talk is to communicate effective strategies for capturing customer insights and weaving them into day-to-day marketing practices. A particularly interesting aspect of this presentation is how to make the case for innovation and change to your boss when your boss is putting the clamps on the budget. I promise that if I learn what the magic words are, I’ll pass them along.

The evening of day one will close with a panel discussion on the future of media. Who doesn’t love a heavy dose of speculation? Interestingly, they’ll also be giving an update on how widely adopted last year’s buzzword (“engagement”) was into day-to-day marketing strategies and tactics. Let’s hope it’s an honest review.

That’s a preview! As always, if you’re going to be at the event (it’s at Disney), stop by Knotice’s booth, #308. We have something to give, and a really cool demo to show off.

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