Building Effective Technical Project Timelines

I prefer to be the one to propose timelines which I base on the project requirements and technical specifications in addition to proper programming and time estimates for creative. But, like I've discussed previously, marketing-driven technical projects usually have a rigid deadline and are very constrained on time. So, we do our best here to scope out a project, set realistic expectations, and base our project goals on the idea that we'll be swimming upstream from the mouth of the river... in a short period of time.

Building an effective timeline for a marketing-driven technical project usually consists of working backwards from the launch or due date and pinpointing weeks ahead of launch each major component needed. The next step consists of building a sub-timeline for each milestone, then assigning the appropriate team members to help move the process forward and deliver their pieces on time.

Essentially, undertaking a marketing-requested technical project requires the following steps to define the timeline and deliver on it:

  • Comprehend and pull together the individual project requirements
  • Determine the timeline for the new project
  • Provide a technical specification that fits the project requirements, timeline, and budget
  • Determine the resources and team members needed to deliver results based upon the requirements
  • Build a sub-timeline for each project milestone
  • Implement the solution, work the timeline(s), manage scope, and deliver the desired result(s)

While marketing technical projects can seem difficult, fitting them into this process makes them manageable while providing enough flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

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