Role Playing With Email Marketing

Amy ChubbuckYou're an educated digital marketer. You've done all the research and read all the insights. But, do you always pay attention or remember what it's like to be the consumer on the receiving end of an email? How many emails do you receive from companies on a given day? How many do you open? How many have you deleted without opening? Have you opened them, just to clear them out of your inbox - have you hit the dreaded (spam( button? Do you sometimes feel like it's just too much clutter? Are you taking all of your personal interactions with email into account when you’re planning your email marketing strategy? If not, you should.

You’ve heard it before and, well, I’ll tell you again. It’s time to reconsider the meaning of an email blast. Perhaps “blast” is just too strong of a word. Maybe the word blast gets people all worked up and carries expectations that are too high. Think about a blast in the true sense of the word – it’s overwhelming and it’s exhausting. Why would you want to do that to your email list? Avoid blasting your customers away and find ways to connect with them.

Start by getting control of your email lists, and manage your messages. Just because you have an email address, doesn’t mean you should use it. You want to avoid list fatigue. Track how many emails a customer is getting from you on a monthly basis, and how many are being opened by that same customer. Think about how many emails you – as an email reader – want to receive from a company. If you have email addresses that have received 5 or more emails from you in a month, give that customer a rest. If a customer is not opening your emails, give them a rest. This doesn’t mean you never send to them again, it just means you have heard them (their lack of activity) and you’re respecting their wishes. Then, after you’ve given them a rest, (maybe 30 days) consider designing a message that is tailored to what you know about them.

So, you’ve heard it before, and I just told you again. The inbox is a battlefield. Plan your strategy for success. Don’t be the company or the digital marketing that blasts your customers – leave that to your competitors. Be the one that connects and converts your customers.

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    great advice, take clues from the prospect’s responses AND their non-responses. But remember that while you are giving them a rest, others are still ‘blasting’ away so be sure to differentiate yourself when you resume communications.

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