Knotice Meets the Press: Sherpa, DM News

Josh GordonEvery so often we take some time in this space to let you, our loyal and growing readership (thanks for a record November, everyone!), know when Knotice is in the news.
For starters, Marketing Sherpa just published a case study on how our client, Tea Forte, is using our platform to do some completely unique optimization and targeting. Tea Forte was able to quantify the importance of the connection between the web and email channels, and actually use email behavioral data to drive dynamic content on their homepage and improve conversions for a new product launch. It’s exciting stuff – feel free and post a comment, or drop us a line if you have any questions.

Our CEO, Brian, once again had his thoughts published, this time by DM News. He talks about the importance of unifying all online marketing data in one spot (whether it’s known customer attributes or behavioral data), and how it empowers better targeted online marketing programs that increase sales.

Also, it was mentioned in another post, but it’s worth re-posting that our email delivery assurance partner, ReturnPath, mentioned our software in a recent blog post from Stephanie Miller. Specifically, she talked about the advantages to recognizing a website visitor as an email subscriber, and how that can positively impact the buy-flow and the conversion process.

Two more quick mentions. One is from Nation’s Restaurant News where Brian spoke to the benefits of email marketing for restaurants, and that relevance is king over frequency. And, our local paper (the Akron Beacon Journal) did a story on businesses with unique cost cutting ideas – Brian gave a very interesting answer.

Here’s what to look forward to in December: We’ll post some online shopping tales that will include some pointers on how to improve the stuff that wasn’t so good, or why the good stuff was good. Stay tuned for this Monday’s post, too. Our systems administrator, Joe Minadeo (and another Knotice musician) will be posting on some super-cool email delivery assurance trends.

As usual, there is no rest for the weary here at the Lunch Pail. In fact, it would be decidedly UN-Lunch Pail to take time off, so, we refuse to do it. That means you can still count on posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, regardless of the holidays. I know you’re all excited to wake up one morning during the holidays, grab your coffee, and then check for the new post on the Lunch Pail. Enjoy!

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