Your Targeting Wish is Concentri's Command

Matt LiszewskiLast Friday, Paul discussed how we use web services to get timely and accurate data into our platform, Concentri. This approach, combined with Concentri's tracking snippet to capture onsite behavior, lets interactive marketers automate a large portion of their inbound data collection.
Today, I'm going to touch on new features in our upcoming release that let interactive marketers "do something" with all this great data, specifically target better and more often.

Targeting strategies are often hampered by their inability to scale effectively. The ability to scale simply comes down to having enough data points to define a marketable universe. With the new segmentation tools we’ve been working on, users have all the data elements they need at their fingertips to develop powerful and targeted online campaigns. The following is a screenshot of our new segmentation environment:

As you can see, we have all the “data bases” covered. Users can quickly build segmentation strategies that pull in everything from profile data, purchase history, forms and survey info, up-to-the-second keyword search (network or onsite), website activity, email activity, and campaign behavior. The only thing we need to add is a condition type for mobile campaign activity, which is on the todo list! The best part yet is if you’re using web services and running your campaigns from Concentri, all the data is real-time. We like to think targeting just got a whole lot easier…and better.

Feel free and post a comment if you think we need to add anything to this condition building environment. We love feedback!

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