Top Online Marketing Trends for MSOs

Bryce MarshallKnotice has the honor to work with several top-tier Broadband and Telecommunications companies throughout North America. Let's be honest - this is a vertical category in which online marketing has lagged a few years behind the leading edge. This isn't without good reason, however. Can I honestly tell a Cable operator that they need to invest more in online marketing when I have to wait on the phone for 45 minutes to troubleshoot my DVR? In this universe, it's still all about customer service.

That said, we see many of our clients and other “MSOs” making tremendous advances in the sophistication and effectiveness of their online retention and acquisition tactics. In honor of the upcoming CTAM Summit in Boston, Nov 9-11, I want to share a synopsis of the online marketing trends impacting customer and prospect interaction. I’ll share two today, and three more next week.

Early lifecycle communications programs
There is no better way to establish the value of the online relationship between MSO and customer than through very high-value first touches with a new customer through email. MSOs are getting serious about integrating automated email programs that confirm the details of an order, installation details, and product/service details in a friendly welcome message after the installation is completed. The early lifecycle phase is also an ideal opportunity to solicit customer feedback on the services and installation process through simple, quick online surveys. When early lifecycle communications are architected and implemented intelligently, a very positive MSO-customer foundation is established that facilitates online dialog through email newsletters, service alerts, and up-sell and cross-sell offers.

Event- and behavior-based communications
Many top online marketers already know the value of event- or behavior-based online communications, and it’s also being widely adopted among MSOs. Essentially, these are online programs that are designed to deliver the most relevant and timely communications to a customer based on matching observed behavior to a pre-defined criteria or business rule. For instance, if a customer visits the HD product web page – or even enters the buyflow process but does not complete the upgrade – this can trigger an email with an extra marketing push or an additional incentive.

Letting pre-defined behavioral or event triggers determine the when, where and how of message delivery is the holy grail of effective relevancy (and relatively easy to accomplish if you have the right tools and providers).

As your behavior-based programs mature, expand and optimize, the need for regular, scheduled campaigns will taper off. Folks…this is called Marketing Automation, and smart marketers know the value of this concept.

I have three additional MSO online marketing trends I’ll share with you next week.

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