Cross-Channel Online Marketing on RSS Ray

Josh GordonAs I mentioned a couple of times before, Brian Deagan, Knotice's CEO, will be appearing on RSS Ray's radio program today to discuss how to "Integrate Your Digital Marketing Channels to Create the Ideal Online Consumer Experience." You can hear RSS Ray's interview with Brian today (9/24/08) at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST on wsRadio. It's also rebroadcast as a podcast. Search iTunes for RSS Ray and you'll find it. The interview is taped live -- which is always fun and spontaneous.

Brian also wrote a guest blog post for RSS Ray’s blog on “Turning Browsers into Buyers.” Today’s interactive marketers are charged with the increasingly difficult task of getting conversions with tightening both in their own marketing budgets and in their customer’s wallets. Brian discusses a strategy to preserve and increase conversions while also enhancing the shopper’s experience online.

Here’s an excerpt from Brian’s post:

“It’s all about the conversion. Especially in today’s uncertain economic times, online advertisers are more diligent than ever about chasing the conversion and making the dollars they spend online more valuable. The inherent difficulty in this quest is finding an efficient way to do it – in terms of both time and money. Research analysts from all over agree that the online marketing landscape is fragmented, with companies forced to engage multiple systems to provide a complete approach for their online marketing.” Read the rest!

There has also been some spirited debate on this blog after Brian’s recent post on how Good Email Marketing Shouldn’t Cost More. Brian will be writing a follow up post to address the comments he has received to this point — make sure and check back for that, or subscribe to our blog.

Today’s radio interview will discuss the next level of integrated online marketing as well as address some of the questions Brian raises in both of his posts, and some of the responses he has received. I encourage anyone interested to check it out.

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