Day 1, Part 1

Josh GordonThere's a lot going on at the show here this morning, and the Expo Hall isn't even open yet. George Jones, the President and CEO of Borders is speaking right now. I'm sitting in the WiFi hot spot area plotting my day. The hot spot is on the other side of the hall here, but I can still here Steve "warming up" at the booth. Well, I'm guessing it's Steve because I'm hearing the melodic strains of a classic Boston anthem. There's already a crowd at the booth and there aren't even any attendees in the hall yet!

As for my day, I’m pretty excited about one of the keynotes. Dan Tapscott, who wrote Wikinomics, is going to be speaking on the “net generation” you’ve read Lesley blogging about. He’s going to talk about how traditional online marketing tactics (if there is such a thing at this point) is changing retail and marketing online.

Then it’s the emerging retail technologies session, and then a round table discussion I’m looking forward to. “Privacy and Behavioral Targeting — A Capital Hill Perspective.” It’s led by a real expert in the area, Senior Director of the Government Relations Council for the National Retail Federation. As the resident voice of Internet Governance here on the Lunch Pail, I’m looking forward to gaining new insights that I will enthusiastically pass along to all of you.

I’ll end my session attendance by Analyzing the Customer Experience with the Director of Product Management at They have recently deepened their relationship with Rite Aid and some other important drug stores. Enhancing the customer experience is extremely important…even more so in a struggling economy. Brand loyalty must take on a greater importance now. If the loyalty exists when wallets are closed, then sales will increase when they open back up. Creating that great experience for online consumers is vital to surviving this economy.

There’s an “evening event” at the LAX Nightclub tonight, too. I’m hoping that’s not at the LAX airport. That would be lame.

I’ll keep everyone up to date as the sessions come to an end. More to come.

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