5 Mistakes That Promote Cart Abandonment (1)

Bryce MarshallEconomic times are tough right now. But, how does this affect you, the online marketer? Industry trends show that shopping cart abandonment rates are continuing to climb. In total, over my next two posts, I’ll outline five mistakes currently happening in many buy-flow processes that are responsible for fueling this trend.

Process Failure 1: Keeping online shoppers in the dark on total order costs until the very last moment.

Some processes are designed as if customers enjoy surprises. By keeping total out-the-door cost of items in their shopping cart hidden and not disclosing shipping fees until the very final confirmation page, customers are guessing about their final costs, and giving up on the ordering process. The processes don’t currently reward customers for getting into the buy flow. Many processes are configured as if flat rates or free shipping inducements are useless in a slow economy.

Process Failure 2: Failing to recommend complementary products or provide helpful tips.

Customers are not looking for product and price only. The current propensity for some is to ignore a customer’s true reasons for shopping is contributing to shopping cart abandonment. E-Commerce companies shouldn’t act as if they’re a nameless, faceless machine. Their off-line counterparts spend huge dollars on ‘branding.’ So, how can online companies expect online customers not to pay attention to who they are? Why is the off-line customer treated differently than the online customer? Adding value – that’s such a business cliché, right?!

It’s completely realistic to think that the right recommendation, made at the right time in the purchase consideration process, really provides incentive to buy. Websites shouldn’t just coldly, efficiently receive an order and take a customer’s money. Companies should work hard to actually improve the customer’s experience to any degree.

This is the first of two posts from Bryce Marshall providing key best practices and sarcastic insights about to how online retailers can improve their buy-flow processes and increase conversions. To read the second installment, click

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