Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Client Collaboration Continuum

What role should your client play in a project implementation? Traditional project management techniques treat clients as consumers of a product, in this case the "product" being the output of the project effort. Customers are rarely, if ever, privy to the internal workings of the project and instead rely on formal, periodic reports which attempt […]


Do you segment your audience? Do you provide targeted content to these segments? Do you optimize content? While segmentation is an ingrained marketing practice, many marketing pros are working toward targeted online content and optimizing that content on their site. (It's important to understand that content can mean a page, part of a page, or […]

Android by Google – Taking mobile to task

Recently Andy Rubin, the Google engineering director heading up Google's mobile platform Android, likened today's hodge-podge of mobile phone software to the early days of personal computers. I thought the reference to the earlier days of the PC was spot on. In so many ways, mobile computing and as an extension mobile marketing, is a […]