Knotice's Joe Minadeo Goes Hollywood

Micah HattonIf you've ever been to a THX certified theater, or any of the Star Wars movies, then you're familiar with the amazing sound introduction at the beginning of the opening credits. Whether you know about THX or not, our very own Joe Minadeo has an intimate knowledge. Voted Cleveland Scene's “Best Beatmaker” in 2006, Minadeo and his group, “Low in the Sky” were chosen to create a new trailer for THX, entitled THX: Amazing Life.

Comissioned by eyestorm productions, an offshoot of Lucasfilm, the project was given to “Low in the Sky” after eyestorm staffers discovered the band through their myspace page.

“The trailer was more or less designed with us in mind,” Minadeo said, “Eyestorm sent us still shots of the creatures that they would be animating, so we had something to go off of, and then we did the music and sound design around that. It was pretty cool, they let us have a lot of freedom to create our own interpretations of what we thought their creatures would sound like. They just gave us a general concept and let us run with it.”

“Low in the Sky” consists of members Joe Minadeo, Corey Farrow and Pat McNulty, all of whom emerged from the Northeast Ohio hip-hop scene. Commenting on the band’s style, Minadeo added, “We’re pretty untraditional. We all have distinct styles and contribute different aspects and samples to the music.”

When he’s not making the best beats in the area, Minadeo serves as the Senior Systems Administrator for Knotice. He applies the same dedication and creativity to making sure our data operations run smoothly as he does to his award-winning music and distinctive style.

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